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Strategic Agenda PTEA 2024-2026

The Spanish Water Technology Platform is pleased to present the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the period 2024-2026, after an exhaustive consultation process and the integration of the conclusions of the PTEA Working Groups. This strategy marks a milestone in the evolution of the sector, providing clear and detailed guidance to address current and future challenges.

The Strategic Agenda for R&D&I in the Water sector in Spain for the period 2024-2026 has been developed as a dynamic document that will serve as a roadmap and starting point for collaboration between all partners. This strategy is aligned with the main challenges facing the water sector, as well as with global policies and strategies.

The main objective of this strategy is to provide a solid framework for short-term planning, bringing together the lines of action defined in the previous PTEA Strategic Research Agenda 2016-2020 with the challenges and objectives of technological development and innovation identified for the next years. These challenges include the transition to a circular economic model, the digitalization of the sector and improving resilience to climate change, among others.

The SRIA establishes the bases and proposed work methodology for the reorganization and distribution of activities of the PTEA Technical Working Groups, which play a fundamental role in achieving the platform’s objectives. This document provides a solid structure to drive research and innovation in the water sector, encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange between all actors involved.

The English version of this document will be available soon

Download strategic agenda 2024 – 26

Download strategic agenda 2020 – 22

Download Resumen Ejecutivo 2020 – 22

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